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In our store, Fiction is a large category ranging from Jeffrey Archer books all the way to Stuart Woods books. We have 55 feet of Fiction books along our left wall loosely alpha by author. This section includes Vintage out of print books and popular contemporary authors. From V.C. Andews to Jennifer Weiner come check out the fiction!

In our store Non Fiction sections can range from History (present and past) to True Crime. We separate categories into different bookcases to help you find the book that's right for you. From The Code Breakers by David Kahn, The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn to Ann Rule's crime books and Simon Winchester's Krakatoa, there is a great selection sure to tempt you to browse.

From Sandra Brown's romantic suspense and Catherine Coulter's FBI thrillers on to Debbie Macomber's heart warming love stories and Joanna Lindsay's historicals to Carly Phillips's contemporary romances, there is a romance novel for everyone's pleasure. Everything Nora Roberts to romance icon Kathleen Woodiwiss and everything in between....

Adventure can include mysteries, thrillers, spy and military fiction. In our store, the books may also be in with the fiction. All this can depend on author. Take Clive Cussler for example, he would normally be considered Aventure but in store his books are found in the fiction section.

We have a limited collection of cookbooks. Hardcover and paperback, a mix of old and new such as The Waldorf Astoria cookbook and Bake and Freeze Desserts to What's Really in Our Food? and Feel-Good Foods. Cookbook inventory changes weekly.

From Clive Barker to Stephen King and on to Anne Rice and F. Paul Wilson, books here will keep up you at night and looking over your shoulder. Chills and tingles in every one!

Sports and Hobbies is a limited section which contains all sports and all hobbies mixed together. A good personal "in store" browse section.

In our store, Science Fiction and Fantasy are housed together in a cozy section with a stool for browsing. With the old SciFi/ Fantasy greats such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein to the newer authors such as Brian Jacques and David Sherman this section can take you any where in the universe you want to go! There are over 1900 titles in our SciFi/ Fantasy collection.

In our store, Historical Fiction can be located in Fiction, in the special area at the front of the store or in with Westerns depending on author. For purpose of "Books in Category" here all Historical Fiction is mixed.

A note on searching...if a book does not appear in "Books by Category"you may be able to find it by "author last name" search up at the Search Our Inventory bar.

Our Literature section contains the classics, short stories, poetry and plays. From the plays of Greece to John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi. From The Oxford Book of American Short Stories to Kurt Vonnegut and Virginia Woolf. From Mark Twain's humor to the poetry of Robert Frost, explore the classics. You'll be glad you did.

In our store, male and female mystery authors are separated into their own sections. Female mystery authors in the front, male mystery authors in the back. For the purpose of "Books by Category" the mystery authors with show up here alpha from A to Z. We usually have the perennial favorites such as James Patterson and Harlan Coben to The Murder She Wrote series and Patricia Cornwell.

Reference is the "how to" section. This includes Business, How to books, the Dummies book series , Finance, Management books, and Dictionaries.

Self Help encompasses a large group of related subjects including Child Care, Education, Parenting, Self Inprovement, Divorce, Addiction Recovery, Elder Care, Step families, Baby Name books, Pregnancy...the list goes on and on. Some of these subjects have their own sections in the store.

Harlequin, Silhouette, Love Inspired and Loveswept are all included in the Series Romance. This section has a large selection of books due to the nature of the Harlequin publishing lines. We carry books by the dates and older books are either collectible or are sold at the store for 25 cents apiece.

In our store Westerns have their own special section of shelves. If you're looking William Johnstone, Louis L'Amour, Ralph Compton or any of the many western authors, old and new, check us out.